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The Sagittarius Sun trines Mars in Aries today for a double whammy of pure fire.  Fire is the element of inspiration and action – it motivates and purifies, and for a day or two we have this lovely fiery combination to provide the fuel for our desires, hopes and wishes. Mars is edging back to one final challenging square to the Capricorn planets (culminating around the 22nd of December) but for now we can enjoy the pure energy and transformative potential of Mars in Aries, its purest form, harmonizing with the Sun which provides its radiant light to support all life.

A harmonious sextile from Venus in Scorpio to the Capricorn planets (beginning with Pluto today and continuing until the 15th) is supportive of taking us deeper into more truthful connections with those around us.  Scorpio is ruled by Mars traditionally so there is an echo here of the courage and will to action that Mars inspires, and Pluto is the transformational ruler of Scorpio so there are lots of juicy connections here to bring in a depth and richness of experience over the next day or two.

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