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New Moon Scorpio: Time to begin again

New Moon Scorpio: Time to begin again

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(I’m writing this quickly and its late- I hope it will be legible without too many typos).

 Sat/Sunday we have a New Moon in Scorpio ~ offering us our monthly chance to press the reset button! Whew! We can sure use it. A New Moon is a seed moment ~  the sacred marriage of Sun and Moon helps us to create new energy ~ this time in Scorpio, the sign that rules sex, death and transformation. This is potent stuff. People are often afraid of Scorpios- they can see through your bullshit and do not suffer fools gladly. This energy- if you can handle – is powerful.

The power of Scorpio can help us transmute and transform a lot of the sh*t that has been stirred up over the past six months of fear, confusion and mayhem. Many are in survival mode – and are acting out their frustration in strange ways. There’s an element of taboo with Scorpio – she takes us to the dark side to explore the shadows.  Mars/Venus in opposition add some heat and juiciness to the mix. Choices made  could have repercussions down the road. Saturn is standing by to punish indiscretions while Neptune eggs us on.  

 Risky situations that arise from stepping outside our safety zones could be therapeutic or  self destructive – depending on how consciously we are acting. Scorpio has a compulsive draw to the forbidden; and even with Saturn Pluto leaning over us, some will go where angels fear to tread. It’s possible to  use this energy without it using you, but you will need to have our eyes wide open (rather than eyes wide shut as many seem to have these days).  Neptune brings glamour and romance,  but beware Neptune’s illusions and delusions. 


Good time to get your muse on.  We can uses this juiciness for meditation, music, creativity.  This is fertile soil to plant your ideas and visions. The many retrogrades occurring this year have forced us to retreat, review and reflect. Creativity in all forms can help us move through the once imploding, now exploding energy that’s been building up inside. Once all the planets turn direct ~ we should start to feel a significant energy shift.

Change is afoot!

This New Moon in Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto (yikes)  bringing deep transformation and new possibilities. There are still some very heavy elements at play (and that’s an understatement) which is activating that deeper stuff we are needing to transmute and transform; there is internal work to be done.  As we get in touch with our desires, compulsions and fears, our need to be in control – deep healing can occur.  Although were not out of the woods yet,  this could mark a turning point – just in time for a very powerful and significant Winter Solstice (Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius (more on that next edition).


 Meanwhile, Mars,  the  warrior who gets us going in the morning, just turned direct after an unusually long retrograde period. Mars fuels our desires and drives us forward, and its been frustrating for many to be restricted in our actions and outer expression.  In its home sign of Aries,  Mars is driven, impatient, lusty and itchin’ for a fight. He’s been spinning his wheels since April, and now, after being held back so long,  things might get a bit volatile. (I know right!? Not again … ) Remember this spring when suddenly protests were everywhere and fires were burning? A lot of that was down to Mars in Aries;  the good news is he will be moving more quickly now and be out of Aries and into the next sign (Taurus) by mid January. So weve got two months of potential volatility still to deal with. When a planet goes retrograde it crosses the same point three times… forward backward and forward again …  and by the third time (now)  we have hopefully learned something and are not in such a reactive state. Lets hope.
Here’s the thing: Mars needs an outlet. If you’re feeling feisty and all pent up, try to get outdoors (if you can) for a good run or do some push ups or dance. Boogie.  Get yer mojo working. Whatever it takes to release that yang energy without harming anyone! There’s bond to be more aggression and aggravation again – give it a wide, wide berth (if you can). Take the high road.
 Eris, a minor planet equal to Pluto, is adding to the furor.  As Goddess of Discord and Strife – she likes stirring things up, though she is mostly a threat to those who would try to hold down the feminine. She represents a part of us that is wild and  fierce that thrives on chaos and confusion.  Yet there’s a saying that energy is neutral until directed.  Watch your step and choose your battles.
Eris is currently caught up in a bit of a tense tangle with Venus and Pluto (love and power) so relationships and/or finances could be the source of some disturbances. On top of that, Mars (masculine) and Venus (feminine) were at odds all week with  Mars in Aires wanting to do his own thing, Venus in Libra insisting on connection.  We need to give each other a lot of elbow room right now – people are stressed, defensive and vulnerable. So what if you have differing opinions? … You don’t have to be right all the time, and you dont have to react to everything. Seriously…  (I am saying this to myself). 


It helps to use empathy to see the other side of things; if we are going to get through the intense polarity going on we must allow for differences.  Instead of arguing our point- ask what the other person thinks or feels; it might be a revelation and we might even learn something!
“Seek first to understand ~ before you seek to be understood”
           (Steven Covey – Seven Habits of Highly Successful People)
 Take heart! Change IS  coming – and hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train!!! (just kidding)

 This is a time for shedding old skins – moving beyond old grudges and attachments – to make way for the new energy to come in.  If we start visioning forward now and setting clear intentions, by the winter solstice we might be ready for the coming changes.  And as we head into a new eclipse season,  we can be sure the  atmosphere will be shifting, and even if it doesn’t look like it,  its entirely possible that things are unfolding exactly as they should.

And if you don’t like what’s going on – change it.
Set your intention and make it so!


Published at Sun, 15 Nov 2020 11:38:00 +0000