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Please read the r/Psychic rules

Please read the r/Psychic rules

We have been lenient and given the benefit of the doubt to users who are rulebreakers, but new to the subreddit, specifically among Rule 2 and Rule 6. Posts of this nature are removed when we find them, but a ban is usually not bestowed until after warnings have been given.

Now, if you are in violation of Rule 2, Rule 6, or do not describe a free offer in your post, you will receive a temporary ban. Any further infractions will lead to a permanent ban from r/Psychic.

If you are performing readings for “donations”, asking people to follow or message you on your instagram or another 3rd party site to receive a reading, posting too much self-promotion material or anything other than a genuinely free offer, or any other enterprising content, this will lead to a ban from r/Psychic.

If you have questions about your post, you are welcome to contact us by modmail prior to submitting it.

Thank you for your understanding and helping keep r/Psychic being the community for it was intended as a place for discussion and support surrounding the context of ESP, psychics, divination, paranormal, etc.



Published at Wed, 05 Aug 2020 10:59:00 +0000