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Solar Eclipse New Moon: December 13th-19th 2020

Solar Eclipse New Moon: December 13th-19th 2020

 Sunday: On this day before New Moon, take time to reflect and reevaluate. Though you may not know the context yet, the New Moon and Sagittarius solar eclipse brings announcements and changes at an accelerated pace and in surprising ways. And it’s coming tomorrow! Also, some of you are in the midst of changes related to the Full Moon eclipse two weeks back. These mutable sign eclipses put us in extra flux and may morph through a few forms before results and responses take their final shape. Tomorrow’s has us on the move. Announcements may include or result in actual moves, travel that wasn’t foreseen, change of commute, changes related to universities and colleges, opportunities related to publishing and global business and trade, and personal changes for Sagittarius, Gemini, and people with those with rising signs or significant planets or the Moon near 23 degrees of Sagittarius. If your birthday is around now, big changes are in store! Mercury squares Neptune and we may feel uncertain, ungrounded or lacking structure today.  Sunday’s color is Light Blue.

Monday: Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Sagittarius at 11:17 am EST. First the Moon meets Mercury, the influential planet of the day, along with Mars. Mercury delivers the news. Word of change and reasons to make changes are highly likely. Mars in Aries aligns with New Moon. The fire energy is strong, motivating, and dramatic. The effects include pursuit of the truth, breaking free, and following through with desired changes. Also, Venus in Scorpio is in harmony with Jupiter in Capricorn, as each prepare to change signs this week. Relationships and business partnerships may benefit, especially in terms of how to work things out and make business or financial decisions together. Find the terms of agreement with loyalty and prosperity in mind. Void Moon 11:17 am to 10:35 pm EST when the Moon moves to Capricorn, and shortly afterward Mercury aligns with Mars for a final push and encouragement to take a step, make a decision and let other people know your plan. I feel like this forecast understates how powerful this eclipse is! It will tend to be wilder, more unsettling, more surprising, more unexpected, or more breathtaking. Lots of fresh starts are in the works. Today’s color is White.

Tuesday: Venus contacts Saturn as both prepare to change signs. Yes, that sounds like yesterday’s forecast, but today it’s Saturn continuing the movement into contracts, agreements, structure, grown up type decisions, and taking responsibility for being a partner in either business or in love. Relationship agreements, to either bring together or divide, are in progress and may come to closure. Venus moves to Sagittarius just over 3 hours later, at 11:21 am EST. Between the eclipse and these Venus aspects, many will share or hear partnership type news. Capricorn Moon and Uranus in Taurus are in harmony for inventive ways of doing, fixing and financing. Mix traditional with alternative. Green is today’s color.

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon with several aspects today and overnight tonight, including a final meeting with Jupiter before Jupiter changes signs on Saturday. The conjunction is actually around 12:30 am tomorrow. This is all building to a shift for both Jupiter and Saturn where they meet at the threshold to Aquarius on the winter Solstice. Important and significant closures are happening this season. It’s literally the end of an era or Age. The Moon and Jupiter meeting is very powerful and personal if you’re born toward the end of Capricorn dates in January. It’s the end of a 13 month cycle for all of us. Capricorn is structure, organizations and construction/production. Jupiter is expansive, philosophical, spiritual and educated. Put that together and see how it applies. What will you do with that talent of yours? Or that extra space? Or those thoughts and inspirations for what you could be or build? Saturn moves to Aquarius at 9:04 pm EST and will soon meet Jupiter there for the final word on some things and a brand new vibe that favors us as collectives, innovators, and visionaries. Today’s color is Blue.

Thursday: Void Moon after the Moon/Jupiter conjunction at 12:34 am to 1:27 am EST. The Moon is in Aquarius for the rest of the day, and Saturn is at 0 degree of Aquarius starting a new cycle. Saturn moves one sign forward about every 2 1/2 years, not including the retrograde and back shift that also happens yearly. If you have Saturn in Aquarius, you’ll have a Saturn return in the next couple of years. This is a 30 year cycle, so you’re either approaching 30, 60 or 90 years old during this time if you have a Saturn in Aquarius transit coming. The Moon meets Saturn for wisdom and maturity, aligns with Venus for a sense of adventure and worldly view, and squares Uranus for questions about how to innovate and create something new. The Uranus aspect may take more than a day to figure out and require some changes in thinking. Today’s color is Turquoise.

Friday: Aquarius Moon continues, aligning with Mars in Aries, encouraging new ways of thinking, action on ideas, progression and overall sense of moving toward what’s new. Re-read all of this week’s forecasts as changes and developments are snowballing. Today’s color is Red.

Saturday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon. The Moon is void from 3:45 to 7:39 am EST. Overnight, the Moon aligns with the Sun. It’s very social and energizing, encouraging enthusiasm and sense of adventure. Pisces Moon takes over for the day, and Jupiter moves to Aquarius at 8:07 am EST. It’s also Mercury’s final full day in Sagittarius. The shifts are palpable. You may notice as changes of focus or feeling. Your mind may open to something you hadn’t considered or preferred. Events may lead you or someone you know to very different plans and decisions. It’s likely this time period brings more change than we’ve felt all year (other than the obvious time last March). The world changes in response to the cycles of these heavenly bodies. As above, so below. We are coming into a very new way of being, of doing business, of educating, of relating to each other, and of understanding our missions. Pisces Moon requests compassion, love and willingness today. Wear Green.

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