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Commercialization of Spirituality | What is spiritual materialism?

Commercialization of Spirituality | What is spiritual materialism?

As long as there is hope, there is a false pursuit which makes the search more diverse, delaying the finality of things. This delay is where one finds time to find excuses and indulge in whatever is dear to the mind and the senses. The hope for enlightenment has been fooling the living organism through endless lifetimes perhaps. One wakes up in the morning to find himself being mauled by the second-hand of time, pun intended. One gets busy throughout the day, trying to keep pace with one’s routine, getting busy with a search which will inevitably continue the next day too. Every day, the routine has very few alterations and continues day after day without anything spectacular happening. Even if something spectacular were to have happened on certain days, it is seen as a great deviation from the regular routine and as a great disturbance which ought not to have happened, thinks the individual. This is what the mind perceives it to be. The routine rolls over successively through many years. Meanwhile even the routines have been completely overhauled, changed, replaced and yet nothing is being noticed. The mind simply clings from one hope to another.

There is still hope in the future that at some point in time all this may stop and stop for the better. The mind likes to ruminate on memories and anxieties whenever a gap in the routine, even for a second becomes available. The slip over to the future in the mind either instills fear in the mind about the unknown that is about to transpire or at times the mind slips into the past with regrets and guilt. The whole energy system takes many beatings as days slip into months and years, our minds being in turmoil induced through heaviness of work and heaviness of relationships. All said, there is still hope for the future, this is what the mind likes to believe, period. This hope seems to somehow induce or pour more vigor into the actions. But the anticipation of the result or a possible gain out of certain business deals or activities drains the life out of the temporary surge in energy. All this energy gain finally comes to a naught.

Meanwhile, one hears the promises of spirituality either through a friend or through close relatives who accompany you to some absorbing lecture, where you finally get to hear what you always wanted to hear about life, the boredom of relationships, the fears of the mind and all those things. Since this appears to be a welcome deviation from the routine, you make an adjustment into your routine keeping a few hours of Saturdays and Sundays for satsanga or holy meetings. You take this time to meet some saints or holy men who have been labelled thus by society and you agree to these labels because you too could not escape their talk, inducements or offers so to say.

Now that you have ended up with holy association, you take the baggage of your unanswered questions to these holy people. A point to make: Not that the questions could not be answered by the obvious, which probably, at the core you are always aware of, but one prefers to keep these questions dangling so that the future is secure in the womb of these questions. The problem was that, if these questions were to get answered in the here and now, why would anybody go through the routine of life with hopes hinging on to a far off future? The great thing about the questions you have for the mystic men who have entered your life through the doorways of your consent is that there is a great deal of romanticism in these questions. We ask such questions as “Why are we alive?”, “What is the purpose of life?”, “What should be the highest ideal” and a barrage of questions that I am certain, have no answers. There can be no answers to these “fine” questions. But we continue asking these questions to holy, wise or seemingly enlightened ones because somewhere we know within that we are about to get an equally romantic answer which can make a glint come to our eyes. The answers can possibly, make one glow with renewed energy so that one can continue with one’s self-imposed ignorance going well for another week. Well this is exactly the nature of spiritual materialism.

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