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Far Out – Alchemy (feat. RORY) [Official Lyric Video] | Ophelia Records

Far Out – Alchemy (feat. RORY) [Official Lyric Video] | Ophelia Records

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Far Out – Alchemy (feat. RORY) [Official Audio] | Ophelia Records

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Ophelia Records

Far Out


Walking underneath the black of night
Feeling like I’m only half alive
It’s quarter to midnight
We’re running out of time
Waiting for salvation my whole life

Calling for Alchemy
Take all of this misery
And the breath from my soul and the break in my bones ohh

Calling for alchemy
On all of my history
To right all the wrongs
All the the things that I’ve done
I’m-praying for someone
To be my alchemy

Last light on the horizon as it fades
We’ll watch the shadows dancing as you say
It’s quarter to midnight
We’re running out of time
Heal every scar and takeaway the pain


The official record label of DJ/Producer Seven Lions, Ophelia is a label that promotes independent music, and is the official home for the music of Seven Lions since 2018. In just over a year, Ophelia has become one of the hottest new labels in bass music, with collaborations and releases from acts such as SLANDER, Excision, Jason Ross, NGHTMRE, Wooli, Trivecta, MitiS, Blastoyz, Crystal Skies and Last Heroes,. Its releases regularly appear in Spotify’s MINT playlist and on Sirius BPM and has also started to host festival stages at flagship events such as Electric Zoo.

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