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January 2021 Major Transits!

January 2021 Major Transits!

Goodness, that is one transit that is going to be impactful for you for sure! Parenting your inner child seems to be a theme for you, very much so this time around. I am sending so much love and light your way <3

So there’s a few things I would suggest for this time:

Reserve a few hours for yourself if you can manage it, make your space comfortable and hydrate yourself well throughout the day. Don’t hype it up or force yourself into anything, just feel it through as much as you can. Tell yourself that you’re ready to listen to what your inner child is saying, that it’s okay for them to speak up now.

Go into your cozy space, try a meditation (like chakra clearing or even something like Qigong), and really be aware of the sensations your body is experiencing – knowing that you’ve reserved this time and this is the work you’re choosing to do with this time in order to feel better; it’s an investment in your health overall well-being, no?

Once you feel a bit more “tuned in” to yourself – making sure to keep rhythmic breathing – let pen to paper meet inside a journal and let them spend some time together. No inhibitions, no worries – don’t look at or judge what you’re writing, don’t think about spelling or grammar or if it’s even completely legible. You can choose to delve into what you wrote immediately after you feel you’re finished, or save it for the next day so you can recoup your energy with a fresh mind.

This is a great method I’ve discovered that’s helped me through some very serious traumatic experiences and childhood trauma. Maybe you’ll find some answers too. Be delicate with yourself, you were once a child too <3

Published at Sat, 02 Jan 2021 16:20:49 +0000