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Mercury in Aquarius, New Moon in Capricorn Forecast for January 10th-16th, 2021

Mercury in Aquarius, New Moon in Capricorn Forecast for January 10th-16th, 2021

Be prepared in your own way for Mercury retrograde in Aquarius starting at the end of this month, for 3 weeks. Backup files and data, finalize business matters and contracts, and make important purchases now through January 15th, or wait until the end of February. Five planets have changed signs recently, including our closest neighbors, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter are all in forward thinking and community minded Aquarius, while Venus and Pluto are in Capricorn and Mars just moved to Taurus, a sign Uranus is now inhabiting for many years. Air is intellect and ideas, earth is resources and approaches.

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune in Pisces. The Moon is in the sign of truth and freedom while Neptune is the planet of illusion, in an emotional sign. We could delude ourselves. Try to keep it real. Avoid getting sucked into situations you’ve extracted yourself from before. Enjoy a simple adventure. Try not to be guilted into anything. Use your vast sense of imagination and release from limiting beliefs. Let a ‘story’ go in favor of getting ready for new starts and expanding opportunities. You are not just that one thing or role. Invite the dynamics of change with the Moon and Neptune in mutable signs. Void Moon from 1:29 pm EST through the night. Today’s color is Light Blue.

Monday: A change of Moon sign as we move toward New Moon in Capricorn at midnight on Tuesday into Wednesday. New Moon at midnight doesn’t often occur! At 8:30 am EST we start Capricorn Moon hours. The Moon forms a trine with Mars and later meets Venus. This may help with things we need to agree on, productive team efforts, and relationship matters where you need to see eye to eye. Both aspects are constructive and earthy. Mercury meets Jupiter for opportunities and plans. This happens in visionary Aquarius. What can you reconstruct and reimagine this month, with an eye to the future. In the evening, the Moon aligns with Uranus which can be emotionally unsettling yet also may get us unstuck. Today’s color is Green.

Tuesday: For some time zones, New Moon is tonight and for some, it’s on Wednesday. New Moon in Capricorn arrives at midnight EST. Mercury and Uranus square this morning, and it’s a challenge to break out of old patterns and habits around communication, how technology is used (or abused), and to find ways to pursue new ideas and plans that seem to have obstacles as well as promise. Capricorn Moon in harmony with Neptune blends practical and creative methods and perspectives well. Today’s color is Blue.

Wednesday: New Moon 12:00 am EST and at 2:22 am the Moon meets Pluto. Capricorn’s way is sensible, businesslike, and not always in consideration of feelings. Trying to override feelings or underestimate emotions and relationships is rarely realistic though. Pluto reminds us of our depths. This New Moon encourages a realistic and clear look at who and how we are, right now. Pluto brings the soul journey to the forefront. Capricorn is earthly. Our purpose and how we use our lives and bodies to carry out and express that purpose is highlighted at this New Moon. Recognize your personal power.  See your struggles for what they are and acknowledge where you have some control, such as breaking from a destructive habit or alliance with someone. Mars is a player today, square to Saturn and also to the Moon, once the Moon is in Aquarius. Mars activates and agitates, calling us to action. Backtracking, the void of course Moon time is 2:22 am to 11:44 am EST, and those hours call for pause and thoughtfulness. Go slower than you want to. The Moon shifts to Aquarius and meets Saturn, the planet Mars squares at 6:02 am EST. Saturn is lessons, respect, serious intention and business. Use wisdom in all you do and in all your words. There is nothing frivolous or unimportant under these aspects. With several more aspects, I will mention just one. Venus and Uranus form a trine for easy changes of relationship dynamic, relationship status, and approaches to compromise. This is the last day before Mercury retrograde where computer, phone or other appliances, for example, are bought outside the shadow of the upcoming retrograde. Aquarius Moon will continue through Thursday. Today’s color is White.

Thursday: Late Wednesday night, at 11:44 pm EST, the Moon squared Uranus, the planet that stations direct in Taurus today at 3:36 am. Uranus disturbs the status quo and erupts as rebellion, genius, inspiration, or revolution, for examples. In Taurus, it acts like an earthquake. Our fault lines are tested. Uranus direct may assist with long term change and a feeling of going forward rather than back. If you’re hanging on to the past, that may shift or at least you will see that it’s not possible to do so. The Moon meets Mercury today for that kind of forward thinking and ideas about the future and communication or technological upgrades or breakthroughs. It’s a tech firm’s dream. Act quickly if you feel that inner certainty. The Sun and Pluto join in Capricorn, pointing out popular opinion, and adding to the expression of deep, inner feelings and ideas. What was hiding in the shadows comes into the sunlight. Void Moon starts at 4:28 am EST. Wear Turquoise.

Friday: A long void of course Moon is in progress until 5:17 pm EST. This is an in between time. You may experience this as reasons to pause, feelings of being in flux or uncertain, or you may feel very creative and open minded. It’s not a good time for major purchases or promises. Get lost in something that interests and inspires. Pisces Moon weekend begins at 5:17 pm EST with no lunar aspects of note tonight. Allow for feelings, connect on an emotional level, keep boundaries that protect and maintain your wellness and sanity, and know that it’s natural to feel a bit lazy or unmotivated. That will pass too. Today’s color is Pink.

Saturday: Pisces Moon forms 3 harmonious angles to Mars, Uranus and Venus. Two are in Taurus and Venus is in Capricorn, both are earth signs. There may be ups and downs or mood changes, primarily related to relationships. Yet this is harmony, so things may go easier than expected even if developments are surprising. Feelings may surprise us too. Be sensitive with others as Pisces Moon tends to require gentleness and understanding. Forgiveness is favored today. Wear Green.

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