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How Can I Learn Astrology?

How Can I Learn Astrology?

zodiac biscuitAre you trying to learn astrology? I’ve written over 100 posts to cover basic questions. If you read through them, you’ll be surprised what you’ll pick up.

You can scan these posts out here – tag – Beginners. You can learn from the comments as well.

Next, get your personalized Natal report. It’s  invaluable. This is because it will list all the points/placements/aspects in your chart that need attention.

You can see a sample report here: Lana Del Rey.

Interpretation of each aspect of factor in your chart is included in the report,  however your next step is to google each item in your report so you can read about it from other sources.

“Sun in the 4th house”
“Mercury square Uranus”

This takes awhile, but if you go at your own pace, eventually things will begin to gel in your head.  If you take this on, I don’t think you’ll regret it. Astrology is phenomenal!

Are you studying astrology? How’s it going?


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