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Scorpio’s Death Drive

Scorpio’s Death Drive

It’s often said that Scorpio has a compulsion to destroy and be reborn.

I have a Scorpio moon in the first house and I often do get this urge, mostly in relation to my career. I have quit many jobs throughout my life, made significant career changes, and taken career breaks. Once I spend a certain amount of time in a job, I often get restless and feel the need to press reset. Compared to friends of mine, who have stuck it out in the same jobs for years and advanced down consistent career paths, it’s an area of my life that has been really varied due to this urge tear things up and start again.

I can be a little self-destructive in relationships too, but this is more a trust issue than a restlessness one, I think.

Does anyone else with Scorpio placements get this urge and how does it usually manifest for you?

Published at Wed, 13 Jan 2021 20:05:39 +0000