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Sun in Aquarius & Uranus meets Mars, Astrology for January 17th-23rd, 2021

Sun in Aquarius & Uranus meets Mars, Astrology for January 17th-23rd, 2021

 Sunday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune for inspiration and soothing. We are less than a week into the new lunar cycle and it’s a positive time to formulate plans and act on ideas. Give yourself some extra dream time today. The Moon aligns with both Pluto and the Sun in Capricorn, helping us to see things clearly and create step by step plans that match our intentions, purpose, and soul journey. The one square in the zodiac involves Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is a powerful catalyst this week. For today, we may struggle with situations that come up unexpectedly, changing the big picture. Adjustments are decently timed though, with a mutable Pisces Moon. Void Moon 10:44 pm EST to 2:07 am Monday. Today’s color is Blue.

Monday: Aries Moon changes the dynamic. A fiery, stirred up week is in the making. Today, the Moon aligns with Saturn and Jupiter. Aries Moon is for matching emotions and intentions with actions. Keep pursuing your new goals and plans. Saturn adds the wisdom, and Jupiter adds inspiration and knowledge. Keep the big picture in mind and take one step or reach out to one potential supporter on this energetic and harmonious day. We do have a major conjunction coming on Wednesday, and some may experience the effects of that. For the whole week, stay out of harm’s way and out of unnecessary conflict. This is not a time for taking risks. Today’s color is Red.

Tuesday: Aries Moon squares Venus and forms a harmonious sextile to Mercury. In relationship matters, look for common ground. Try not to push or control people you care about. This Venus square suggests effort to resolve relationship matters. Mercury helps with communication and working together. At 3:40 pm EST, the Sun moves to Aquarius, the current home of Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. This next month contains lots of Aquarius energy for awareness of collective consciousness, how our actions influence the conditions of others (even those we do not know), and expansion of vision for the future as well as the present. Tomorrow contains a very tumultuous conjunction that affects all of this week. My suggestion is to avoid crowds, unpredictable people and any situation with a safety concern. Keep sending out good vibes, prayers, loving kindness and tangible support to others. Wear Yellow.

Wednesday: On this Inauguration Day, the Moon is void of course from 3:29 am to 1:56 pm EST. That means the actual Inauguration of President Joe Biden happens with Moon void of course. There are lots of reasons for caution, extra sets of eyes, extra attention to details and awareness of pets, children, and anyone else whose safety you are responsible for. Mars meets Uranus, and that is why. Uranus shakes and stirs and unearths while in Taurus. Mars in Taurus is persistent and unyielding. These two co-create sudden action. They meet at 3:28 pm EST. Stay in your comfort or safety zone today. Avoid overdoing, such as over exertion. Do not drive fast or unaware. Taurus Moon squares the Sun and Saturn reinforcing what we’re committed to and also contributing to stubborn opinions and ways. Today’s color is Black.

Thursday: Taurus Moon meets Uranus and Mars continuing yesterday’s effects and adding to the emotional quality of this. We’re in a major shift and it could feel unsettled or very inspiring, possibly both at once. Humans may feel very emotional and activated today. Jupiter is square to the Moon, reminding us of long term vision, wisdom and knowledge we’ve gained, and challenging us to use it and follow through even when it’s not easy. This may feel like a time to ‘push through’, hang in there, and commit to what we know is right, for the good of all. Today’s color is Violet.

Friday: Taurus Moon in harmony with Venus is romantic and sensual. There’s also a favorable practical aspects for lovers setting up home together or otherwise joining resources. The Moon also aligns with Neptune and Pluto. This creates time and space for valuable reflection. The Moon and Mercury square, so getting the words out on paper or in discussion may be challenging. Perhaps the message needs more time to formulate clearly. Mercury is approaching a retrograde in Aquarius. Some things can be saved for late February, some cannot. Find your best timeline by using your intuition. All in all, today may feel more steady or reliable, like getting feet back on the ground and head back on straight, depending what’s gone on in the world and in your own life. Center yourself. Void Moon 4:28 [pm EST to 2:43 am on Saturday. Wear Green.

Saturday: Gemini Moon with several aspects, mostly harmonious. Today could feel optimistic or outgoing. Share ideas and engage in conversation without needing to commit to anything. Mars squares Jupiter and one effect is to match actions with vision, such as acting with intention, for the long term, and with awareness of our connection to each other whether that be countries, groups or individuals. There’s a focus on collective connection in this new year as planets tour and emphasize all that Aquarius represents. Technology, how it’s regulated and developed and how we use it is a major theme. Notice how that has really come to the forefront recently. How can we use social media and all our communication systems and even medicine most beneficially and for all? Medical advances are technology too. Technology is applying science and invention for practical purpose. Tonight, the Sun and Saturn meet in Aquarius with themes of mastery, the wisdom of age and experience,  and answering or acting on our calling. One effect or encouragement is to take responsibility. Today’s color is Yellow.

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