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Adhyatmik Adibhautik Adidaivik in Sanatana Dharma | The Four Bhakti Bhavas | The Family of Goloka-01

Adhyatmik Adibhautik Adidaivik in Sanatana Dharma | The Four Bhakti Bhavas | The Family of Goloka-01

The spiritual entity cannot be understood by science. Science only knows to deal with the ever-changing and transient world of matter. Science deals with the world of objects. On the other hand, the Spiritual entity is unmoving, unchanging and permanent by nature. Scientific instruments cannot study the spirit as it is beyond the ken of Human perception. It is divinity personified.

There is no direct way to address the Supreme entity. However, you can get a glimpse of his nature through hints, allusion or suggestions.  It is interesting to note that suggestions of different seers vary from one another. There always exist differences within them. What is the reason behind this? One must understand that every soul is unique in his journey. Depending on its past experiences gathered over previous lifetimes, it finally arrives to the ultimate truth. One’s view may not be similar to the other. Views vary from person to person. Hence, Truth is personal. Every person has his own means to reach the final goal of life. The disparities depend on the innate nature of the seeker. The rendition of the author is a revelation of his inner experiences; his vision, his perception of the Ultimate reality. The same would differ for another.

Let us understand Inner experience and Interpretation with a story.

A Cuckoo bird sings a sweet melody. Two boy children guess the possible interpretations of the song. The first boy guessed “Aha, She is saying ringa ringa roses”. The second boy said, “No, No, she says, “the door of the school closes”. An argument ensued between the kids, wanting the other to approve their interpretation. Finally they decided to transfer the matter to their teacher and asked his opinion on the same. The teacher said, “Very simple, he says, Math, Science and Proses”. They saw a doctor passing by. When asked to guess, the doctor said, Day and night doses. A cosmetician said to this “Eyes, teeth and noses”. Now, what can we conclude from this story? The bird sings the same melody, but there arise several interpretations, all true for its speaker. An episode can have multiple derivations depending on the person’s innermost constitution. Hence enlightened sages describe the divine abodes differently depending on their alignment. Hence, none of the interpretations can be deemed erroneous.

There are three governing principles. Adibhautik, Adidaivik and Adhyatmik. Adibhautik stands for the material world, governed by sensory objects. Adidaivik is governed by the spiritual principle. It is pure, unsullied and higher emotion (faith). Adhyatmik refer to the Supreme Being, the Spiritual principle. The Adidaivik (Emotional) principle stands in between Adibhautik (Material) and Adhyatmik (Spiritual) panorama. Material science deals with the Adibhautik plane; subject to growth and decay, the ever-changing and transient, material world. Material science has rapidly progressed over the years. Using the knowledge, we can dissect the minutest possible entity, an atom. All said, it cannot dive into the emotional plane or Adidaivik.  Science has no alternative but to blindly accept the phenomenon of coincidences, miracles and supernatural feats. It has no valid answers to prove their occurrence. No scientific thesis can prove their movement till date. However these phenomena exist. Indeed, Science cannot answer subjects concerning the spiritual.

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