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Sri Ramanujacharya gets Diksha | Jayant surrenders to Lord Rama | Guru Paramparai Prabhavam-Sri Ramanuja-Part-2

Sri Ramanujacharya gets Diksha | Jayant surrenders to Lord Rama | Guru Paramparai Prabhavam-Sri Ramanuja-Part-2

Once the great devotee of Lord Krishna named Soordas decided to visit Badrikashramam to have Darshanam (दर्शन to have the spiritual view) of Lord Badri (Vishnu). The other devotees were surprised to hear this. Sant Soordas was blind from his childhood.  They asked him “Guruji, how would you have Darshanam of the deity in Badrikashramam? How can this be possible?” To this the great sage said “I am blind from childhood but the deity has eyes and sees very clearly whoever visits the place. So, for the sake that the Lord sees him, he shall visit the place. Such was the pure emotion of Sant Soordas. Whether the Lord sees us or we see the Lord, it is we who are going to benefit by such seeing. Similarly whether the Lord remembers us at the time of death or we remember the Lord, it is we alone who will get liberated.

Sri Ramanujacharya had this doubt as to whom he should accept as his preceptor. Lord Varadaraja gave his verdict that Sri Ramanuja has to accept the disciple of sage Yamunacharya named Mahapurna Swamigal as his Guru. Thus all his doubts had been answered by Lord Varadaraja of Kanchipuram. Thus Sri Ramanujacharya took Guru Diksha (गुरु दीक्षा spiritual initiation) from Mahapurna Swamigal. The story of Diksha of Sri Ramanujacharya is also very interesting.

Sri Ramanujacharya arrived at Srirangam to accept Diksha. He requested Vaishnava Diksha from Mahapurna Swamigal there. Somehow the Diksha ceremony was getting postponed. It so happened that once Mahapurna Swamigal undertook a Yatra, a spiritual expedition and Sri Ramanuja accompanied him. Sri Ramanuja was constantly worried about his formal Diksha. He would time and again enquire from Mahapurna Swamigal “Guruji, when shall you give me Vaishnava Diksha?” To this Swamigal said “Alright, we shall have the Diksha ceremony when we reach Kanchipuram.” On the way they passed through a jungle. In that wilderness there was an old temple of Sri Rama known as Kodanda Pani Kovil (கோதண்டபாணி கோவில் Temple of the Bow Wielding Rama). Both of them were resting in the Temple. Mahapurna Swamigal was fast asleep but Ramanujacharya was unable to sleep. He was lost in thought about his Diksha. He would wonder “I am still not a Vaishnava. I have not yet surrendered at the feet of the Guru. If I die now, in the next moment, then my entire life shall be futile. Death can occur at any time, even in sleep.” Suddenly in the dark hours of the night, he got up with a jerk and started waking up Mahapurna Swamigal. He demanded “Guruji, kindly make me a Vaishnava right now and grant Diksha to me.” Guruji said “In the midst of the night? You can wait, I will give it to you at Kanchipuram.” To this Sri Ramanuja said “Life is unpredictable and without any surety. What if, we do not reach Kanchipuram and I die on the way? Please grant me Diksha right now.” So saying Sri Ramanujacharya held the feet of his preceptor. Seeing Sri Ramanujacharya’s attachment to the Lord and the Vaishnava Dharma, Mahapurna Swamigal decided to grant his Diksha, in the dead of the night. Diksha was granted then and there to Sri Ramanujacharya by his preceptor. In Vaishnava Dharma, it became a norm that for Diksha time, place and situation for the event is never assessed.  There is no Muhurta (முஹூர்த்தம் auspicious time) that is to be looked into, while giving Vaishnava Diksha to devotees. For everything else there is Muhurta but to surrender to the Lord there is no Muhurta. If the Acharya of Vaishnavism, Sri Ramanujacharya himself got his Diksha at the oddest time, then who needs to care for the time for receiving Vaishnava Diksha?

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