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The Final Phase of Winter: Astrology for February 28th-March 6th, 2021

The Final Phase of Winter: Astrology for February 28th-March 6th, 2021

 Mars moves to Gemini this week.

Sunday: The Moon in harmony with Pluto and Mars overnight feels like one last sigh as the Moon starts to wane and leaves Full Moon sign, Virgo. Pluto and Mars have very different qualities as one favors introspection and transformation while the other (in that order) instigates action and movement. Mars is in the final degrees of Taurus now. These two planets may help us stay with our process today, even the less easy or comfortable processes. Practice persistence where it’s worthwhile. Do the inner work before taking action and you’ll probably make a better decision. Void Moon starts at 10:58 am EST, and the Moon enters Libra at 2:17 pm. Take an objective perspective, listen, and weigh all sides and all options thoughtfully. Avoid judging based on appearance. Today’s color is Lavender.

Monday: Libra Moon forms trines with 3 planets in Aquarius, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter. Overall this favors fairness, balanced decision making, and opportunities. Notice what seems to be opening up for you and make the appropriate contacts to help forward your plans. Our connections with one another are highlighted today and there may be good reason to collaborate, share ideas, and work for the greater good. There’s an air of seriousness around communication and agreements, so be intentional about what you say or take action on. Today’s color is Blue.

Tuesday: Libra Moon makes one final aspect to Pluto before leaving for Scorpio. This square is an internal challenge to face our fears and other feelings. We’re working with (or against) our shadow and underlying conditions of the emotional sort. Through that, with effort and willingness, transformation comes. See yourself for who you are without trying to avoid or repress parts of yourself that want to express from a healed and whole place. Relationships may also deserve and need this kind of consideration. Are they working and can they be healed? Void Moon from 9:09 am to 3:38 pm EST. The Moon changes signs then, and Scorpio Moon keeps us in the depths of emotion and reflection. Today’s color is Black.

Wednesday: Mars moves to Gemini at 10:30 pm EST. Mars in Gemini is busy, active and keeps us moving and entertaining lots of ideas and information for the next several weeks. If you are born with your Mars in Gemini you may always hold multiple titles, roles or jobs at once (I know this directly from experience!). You may have many potential plans to follow through on. The challenge can be to finish what you start! Today’s Moon sign is Scorpio, which could not be more different that Gemini, by the way. Scorpio, however, is ruled by Mars as well as Pluto. The Moon interacts with 6 planets, so there’s are many influences, some easy and some not. Things that may go well include love, relationships, organization, and strong focus. Things that look challenging include convincing others, communication other than in partner relationships, and agreements with a legal or contractual aspect. Romance is in the air tonight. Wear Indigo. 

Thursday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Neptune inspiring creativity and romance. Intuition is heightened. Listen to your inner voice and wisdom. Draw some cards or use other divination tools. The Moon aligned with Pluto in Capricorn can be introverted, introspective, and focused this morning. Void Moon starts at 11:10 am until 5:43 pm EST. Sagittarius Moon prepares us for an active and potentially outgoing weekend following much reflection and inward focus this week. The Moon opposes Mars which could be argumentative and opinionated. Choose words carefully. Mercury meets Jupiter for interest and attraction toward travel and studies. This may lead to acceptance news for college and universities and other programs related to travel or learning. Apply for something! Wear Red.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon aligns with Saturn for those of you making some serious decisions about life. Choose freely, without outside pressures, and commit to what you want. For some, this is taking you to a new location such as a campus or interstate move. The Moon squares the Sun and Venus today, bringing up emotions which may be related to leaving, moving, or change. Some will skim the emotional part while others will not understand that. Emotionally we’ll notice how we approach the world very differently, even from someone we love. It could be emotionally challenging, as squares are full of edges and require thar we do the work. Wear Yellow.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon in harmony with Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius for clear communication and for seizing opportunities. Broadening, brightening, prospering, collaborating are all key words. The Moon then squares Neptune, pointing out what we want to run from whether it be a situation or our own feelings. This may influence dreams as it occurs at 4:44 am EST, 1:44 am Pacific. Void of course Moon all day leaves us in an unfocused place. Can you enjoy rest and relaxation? Get creative? Give yourself some slack? Saturday vibes this weekend are more about doing nothing than doing a lot. Capricorn Moon changes that for Sunday as the Moon shifts at 9:20 pm EST. Today’s color is Green.

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