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Black Desert Online – Life Mastery Guidance – Cooking & Alchemy

Black Desert Online – Life Mastery Guidance – Cooking & Alchemy

When cooking spamming the lowest products may be easy to go about but they’re practically kinda useless for further purpose. I highly recommend going for more complicated recipes as that can branch off into other Lifeskills/CombatGrinding like Bartering or just grinding due to things being added/enhanced for both activities.

Alchemy is always useful, just expensive and complicated to go about.

Imperial Delivery = 2.5x Base box price + % of Extra Profit on Base box Price
Total Delivery Possible = Contribution Point / 2
Cooking Mass Proc 10 = divide cook time by 10 per proc.
Alchemy Random Spawn = Varying items ranging from 3silver to 100mil+
Silver Embroidered Clothes Cook/Alchemy = Useful: Speed/EXP charging
Mastery Clothes Cook/Alch = Useful: More Mass ProcSlowerCraftTime/More Random Spawns

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