Any planets in adjoining signs have difficulty communicating.  This interplanetary relationship is similar to a family member you may have where you seem to speak different languages and share no common ground, and that is exactly the case we have today.  Venus in Aries, already in its detriment because the the planet of connection isn’t comfortable in the sign of independence, makes an awkward 30 degree aspect to Neptune in Pisces.  Under Venus in Aries we want to be more assertive (Aries) in relationships (Venus), which is already a difficult bridge to cross.  The aspect to Neptune (culminating around 9 pm EDT) can confuse the matter and create more dissonance.

Neptune urges us to transcend the details of our worldly life, and is beautifully creative and spiritually inspiring. But any fire influence affected by Neptune can be difficult to manage. This will be exacerbated by the fact that Mars, planet of action, is rather unfocused in Gemini and about to form a challenging square to Neptune which echoes the Aries/Pisces dance of Venus and Neptune.  Once the Moon enters Neptune-ruled Pisces at 4:30 pm EDT we will fall fully into the realm of Neptunian magic for a day or so, lessening the fire/water conflict somewhat. Today’s advice is to expect confusing and mixed messages, and deal with them tomorrow. ❤️

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