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7 Spiritual Benefits of Selenite

7 Spiritual Benefits of Selenite

amanda linette meder

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I am always amazed at how beautiful the things are that come from the Earth. Selenite is one of these amazements. 

No matter which forms it comes in, Desert Rose, Selenite Wand, or Fishtail, the geometry of this crystal alone makes it a stunning stone to have in your collection.

In my collection, my first piece of Selenite is a giant cleave in a parallelogram shape, which I still have.

My next Selenite, a Desert Rose, was found at a Gem and Mineral Show pre-2020 times, once receiving one of my highest engagement on Instagram ever.

I actively work with Selenite spiritually and place Selenites on my windowsills in every room in my house to call in Angelic energy. 

I also have one giant piece sitting at my office door, which is used as a doorstop to anchor the space in light. 

Though my background is in the natural sciences, and I have always loved geology, I am now more open with the fact I enjoy crystals for spiritual and mood reasons in addition to geology and chemistry reasons. 

In case you also love crystals for spiritual and mood reasons, now that I have been working with this crystal for close to seven years, today I want to share seven of the benefits of Selenite, also called Selenite’s crystal healing properties in crystal healing circles – 

Photo of three selenite rods with raw iron parent material on the largest rod, on oak counter top in golden light

Photo of three selenite rods with raw iron parent material on the largest rod, on oak counter top in golden light

7 Spiritual Benefits of Selenite

1 – Energy clearing

Selenite is an excellent stone to journal with, especially for your morning pages. It has a linear crystal matrix, so it can be great for streamlining thoughts and intentions. 

2 – Calls in the Angels

This stone is one of the Angelic Crystals, mainly due to the translucence and iridescence. Some forms of Selenite are highly reflective and light-catching.

The more light energy you have in the space, the higher the energetic vibration. A room filled with Selenite often matches Angelic Vibration, making it easier to connect with this Realm.

3 – Balances the Crown Chakra

Selenite is often found in parallelogram shape which represent a balance of inflow and outflow energy. Writing with this crystal nearby can harmonize incoming energy from the Root Chakra with energy from the Crown Chakra. 

4 – Grounding

Maybe it’s due to the high level of mineral salts found within, or it’s heavy weight, but I find Selenite to be a grounding grounding.

Selenite is technically a species of gypsum, which is full of calcium or salts. 

Salts readily bond with other free-moving chemical species, meaning it may be able to grab onto and ground any loose energy in your aura.

5 – Vibration Raising

Selenite is pearly and lustrous in both its fishtail and satin forms, reflecting lots of light when placed in a sunny room. 

Bright spaces often promote positive moods. For this reason, placing Selenite about can raise the energy of those within the space.

6 – Calls forward your Higher Self

Selenite is often found in the ocean or around volcanic deposits, meaning its core materials come from prime Source and formation energy. 

When we are close to Earth’s elements or near-pure Earth-formation energy, it often brings out our own creative Life Force, or Chi, Higher Self Energy. 

 7 – Adds Beauty

Selenite is a great neutral stone that goes with virtually any type of decor. It provides visual pleasure when gazing upon it. 

Due to iridescence and light reflection, it can create inspiration and happiness. Inspiration and happiness bring out the beauty in all.

For this reason, Selenite is an all-purpose beauty-creator for common areas, offices, or anywhere where people congregate and collaborate.

Now you know the metaphysical properties of Selenite, you may be thinking of how to work with it, so read on – 

How to use Selenite

To use Selenite, try holding it near you in meditation or using it in place of Sage when you clear your space, as mentioned by Diana at BasicallyWonderful. 

If you have a Selenite Wand, you can clear your own energy with Selenite by waving a wand of it up and down your body, which clears and resets your chakras. 

A Selenite Wand placed under a pillow can promote clearer dreaming.

How to use a Selenite Tower

If you have a Selenite Tower, place it next to your bed for clearer dreaming or next to your workstation to promote smoother transactions and communications with customers. 

If you have a creative space, place your Selenite Tower near your art medium to call the Angels into your masterpiece, and they will bless your art for the highest good.

How to use a Selenite Point

Use it to clear and charge your chakras. 

If you have a Selenite Point, sit down, and breathe deep. Then, wave it in a counter-clockwise motion over each chakra from the Root Chakra to the Crown to clear your energy. 

To seal your aura with high vibration divine energy, wave it over each chakra in a clockwise motion from the Crown Chakra downward. 

How to charge Selenite

After working with Selenite, you may notice it feeling dull at times. If this happens, know all Crystals are thought to absorb energies from the space around them. 

To make sure your Selenite is fully active, every now and then, you want to charge your Selenite. 

The easiest way to do this is to place it out in front of an open window around the Full Moon, releasing any absorbed energy. 

Around the New Moon, place it in front of a window to imbue it with fresh energy. 

Selenite is one crystal that I suggest you do not charge under running water or with sprays. It is a soft mineral and, like salt, can erode quickly in water.

To recap, Selenite is a stunning form of gypsum which can call in Angels, High Vibrational energy, and balance and clear your energy field. 

You can use Selenite by holding it in meditation, or one of my favorite ways, placing it on or near windows, to call in Angels and reflect light.

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The Metaphysical Properties of Selenite. Photo of Desert Rose Selenite on oak table, with pink wall in rear, with text overlay, 7 Spiritual Benefits of Selenite -

The Metaphysical Properties of Selenite. Photo of Desert Rose Selenite on oak table, with pink wall in rear, with text overlay, 7 Spiritual Benefits of Selenite –

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