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ऐलकेमी क्या है? What is alchemy in Hindi. Ancient and Sacred chemistry in Hindi|The factzair

ऐलकेमी क्या है? What is alchemy in Hindi. Ancient and Sacred chemistry in Hindi|The factzair

This video was totally about Alchemy- an ancient tradition of practicing sacred chemistry. It is an interesting topic. Alchemy holds many definitions and theories. Alchemy is also said to be the predecessor of modern science of chemistry. Alchemy got it’s name from an Arabic word al-kimia. It is a philosophy and practice which has sought means of transmuting one element to the other. Alchemists believed the power of 4 elements : Fire, Water, Earth and Air. The most common and legendary believe of Alchemy was that “ by mixing the proper materials in right proportions and by performing certain rituals any metal can be converted into gold.

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