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What is Numerology and How Does Numerology Work? – Kundalini Numerology Explained

What is Numerology and How Does Numerology Work? – Kundalini Numerology Explained

Welcome to YogaVision’s introduction to numerology. Now, you may be wondering why we’re doing a video on numerology. Well, in numerology, numbers hold a special power. I am going to tell you how you can use this power to change your life by concentrating on the numbers that really matter most to your life. The first thing to learn about numerology is that it is the study of the numbers and their relations to things such as personality and destiny.

So, what is numerology? Numerology is a divination system based on the belief that numbers are a manifestation of divine order in the universe. That can be really hard to understand, but in this video we are going to break it down and show you exactly how does numerology work. We will be touching base on how numerology works as the medicine for soul.

If Kundalini Yoga is the Medicine – Numerology is the Prescription. This video on life transformation with numerology explains how exactly numerology works, the technology behind it and how it pairs perfectly with Kundalini Yoga. Watch this live interview with Salimah, Yoga Therapist as she guides us through the basics on numerology, the 10 Bodies and personalizing Kundalini Yoga.


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