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2021 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

2021 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast

In episode 284 astrologers Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, and Chris Brennan look ahead at the astrology of 2021, and provide an overview of some of the major planetary themes that will play out over the course of the next twelve months.

The astrology of 2021 opens in the wake of the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, and features three exact squares of Saturn and Uranus, plus a series of eclipses in Gemini, Sagittarius, and Taurus.

We spend the first 40 minutes talking about some of the biggest transits and shifts happening in 2021, and then we break up the year into quarters and talk about the astrological highlights of each month.

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2021 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast



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00:00:00 Intro
00:01:30 2020 recap
00:02:53 2021: Overview of major themes
00:04:20 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius
00:21:28 Transit timeline chart
00:23:50 Saturn square Uranus
00:34:24 Jupiter square Uranus
00:39:34 Shift away from cardinal
00:46:55 January 2021
00:51:53 Mercury square Mars
00:53:19 Aquarius stellium square Mars
01:05:50 January electional chart
01:12:35 February 2021
01:13:15 Aquarius stellium
01:21:57 First Saturn Uranus Square
01:30:51 March 2021
01:35:50 Shift to mutable signs
01:38:33 Honeycomb Collective personal almanac
01:40:30 April 2021
01:57:18 May 2021
01:58:40 Jupiter enters Pisces
02:11:15 Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius
02:21:20 June 2021
02:23:55 Mercury square Neptune
02:27:28 Second Saturn square Uranus
02:28:10 Mars enters Leo
02:28:50 Jupiter retrograde in Pisces
02:30:10 July 2021
02:31:30 Jupiter Mars opposition
02:34:48 Sun in Leo
02:37:51 August 2021
02:38:56 Venus in Libra
02:45:34 Mercury in Libra
02:46:30 Mars crashing the party
02:47:56 September 2021
02:48:30 Mercury Mars in Libra
02:53:30 The Mountain Astrologer Magazine
02:55:20 October 2021
02:55:41 Mercury retrograde conjunct Mars
02:58:20 Venus and Jupiter direct
02:58:40 Full moon in Aries
03:01:20 November 2021
03:04:10 Lunar eclipse in Taurus
03:07:26 December 2021
03:09:53 Third Saturn Uranus square
03:11:50 Final eclipse in Sagittarius
03:18:14 Venus retrograde conjunct Pluto
03:21:00 2022 preview
03:26:40 2021 themes
03:29:30 Our 2021 offerings