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Basic Numerology

Basic Numerology

What many don’t know is that some of the most societies used numbers as a way to better connect with themselves. Called Numerology, the practice lies in the belief that a person’s name and birth date have a significant effect on their traits, talents, weaknesses, and emotional behaviors. This is said to be true because everything in the universe vibrates at its own particular frequency. When you find the number associated with the vibration rate of a particular human, you can also discover the qualities and energies that make that person who they are.

In this basic numerology class Kelli will help you to figure out your life path number along with some other methods and means to calculate more information about yourself through numbers.
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Life Path Numbers

#1 Leaders, warrior, innovative, independent, goal orientated, ambitious, proactive, motivated, uninhibited

Business Owners

Negative traits: Risky/lack of foresight (almost reckless), forceful/domineering and self-doubt/internal criticism, self-centered

#2 Empath, harmonizer, intuitive, influential, unifying, peacemaker, cooperative, inclusive, protective (feelings), tactful, balanced

Child-care workers
Non-profit administrators

Negative traits: indecisive, easily hurt/sensitive, passive/putting others first

#3 Communicator, artist, charming, performer, social, curious, jovial, optimistic, teamwork, sociality, generosity, playfulness, and self-expression.

Public relations/advertising
Performer (dancing, singing, acting)
Graphic Designer

Negative Traits: Naïve (due to young and innocent nature) unfocused/scattered (squirrel), shallow (don’t like deep emotions, only surface)

#4 Strategist, stability, practical, loyal, service orientated, dependable, solid, earthy, traditional, hard worker, strong, organized, strict

Event Planner

Negative Traits: Dogmatic/conservative, dull/boring, ridged/inflexible

#5 Pioneer, curious, adaptable, adventurists, thrill seekers, social, flexible, unpredictable, restless, energetic, independent

Travel agent/tour guide
Spiritual coaching/healing practitioner
Negative Traits: non-committal, unreliable (due to distractions and curiosity), directionless (they go with the flow), inconsistent

#6 Nurturer, healer, supportive, protective (unconditional love), romantic, peaceful, caring, compassionate, warm

Veterinarian/animal rights worker
Customer service
Public servant (social worker, therapist)
School teacher

Negative Traits: Passive, self-sacrificing, idealistic (why don’t they think like me)

#7 Intuitive, faith seeker, spiritual, curious, analytical, philosophical, intellectual, mysterious, reserved, solitary, introspective

Private Detective
Marine Biologist

Negative Traits: reclusive, secretive/private, suspicious (makes accusations and digs, when there is nothing), always skeptical

#8 Giver, influencer, money orientated/prosperous, enduring (sense of fortitude), patient, determinate, gracious, dedicated, professional, goal orientated

Investment Banker
Online content creator (YouTube, Twitch)
Legal services

Negative Traits: entitled, authoritative, materialistic, dismissive

#9 Humanitarism, inner wisdom, tolerant, patient, supportive, kind, experienced, accepting, non-judgmental, aware

Social worker/human rights worker
Yogi/healing practitioner

Negative Traits: resentful, self-sacrificial, suffering from hardships (can dwell on it)

The number 11 is a seer, possessing a more powerful intuition than any other number. It is sensitive, spiritual, and works well with others. In Numerology, its meaning carries many of the same traits as the number 2 — cooperation, influence, instinct — but on a much higher, more spiritual plane.

Known as the “Master Builder.” The 22 has many of the same attributes as its single-digit counterpart, the number 4 — rational thinking, methodical steps, solid structures — but with far greater instincts and people skills. This gives the Master Number 22 the power to envision a grand idea and materialize it in the real world.

The number 33 is an embodiment of pure love and light. 33 is known as the “Master Teacher” because it has the profound responsibility of guiding others on their path to healing and enlightenment. This Master Number has been trusted by the universe to take on this very important role, and it is entirely devoted to the task.

For Your Name:
1 = a, q, y, i, j
2 = b, r, k
3 = g, c, l, s
4 = d, m, t
5 = e, h, n, x
6 = u, v, w
7 = o, z
8 = f, p