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Venus in Leo, Mercury Direct: June 27th to July 3rd Astrology

Venus in Leo, Mercury Direct: June 27th to July 3rd Astrology

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Sunday: Venus moves to Leo, a celebratory, party and performance place for the planet of love and beauty. It’s wedding and engagement time, and Leo is a sign of conscious commitment. Couples starting lives together now can expect fun and excitement as well as public profiles and social engagement in their marriages or partnerships. The Moon is in Aquarius opposite Mars, square to Uranus and in harmony with Mercury. All of this feels active, inspiring and fully engaged. Some could find these aspects a bit overwhelming. Embrace alternatives and new technology. If you’re feeling stuck or unwilling to change, today could feel frustrating. Wear Pink, Venus’s color.

Monday: The Moon is void of course until 1:51 pm EST, and then shifts to sympathetic, empathetic Pisces where Jupiter is now retrograde. The Moon meets Jupiter at 5:33 pm EST for healing, spiritual growth and awareness, love and care for animals and nature, and the kind of abundance that goes beyond possessions and money. While in the water element so strongly, we may feel very heart centered, full of emotion and acting from creative and feeling places within. Today’s color is Blue.

Tuesday: Pisces Moon in harmony with Uranus and the Sun. Surprises and revelations are to be expected. Life and situations may seem very changeable or unpredictable. It’ll be easiest to get in the flow and feel things out rather than try to force previous plans into place. You may find yourself making a surprising decision or speaking your feelings out loud. The Moon and Mercury’s square tonight increases unpredictability. Have a plan B and send reminders. Today’s color is Light Green.

Wednesday: Pisces Moon meets Neptune and aligns with Pluto. Both planets relate to undercurrents, dreams and inner processes or reflections. We may idealize, romanticize and confront (or run from) our true feelings. Void Moon 1:40 pm to 9:21 pm EST. Plan less, get in some rest or time for personal matters including taking care of your own feelings and emotional well being. Help others out too, but with enough boundaries so you don’t pour your heart into something that ultimately drains you or is futile. Aries Moon moves in at 9:21 pm EST setting up hours and days of action on whatever is in the works. Today’s color is Orange.

Thursday: Aries Moon favors moving on things, from relationship matters to family business. Do what you’ve prepared for, and if you’re unprepared take time with any terms or information that could protect you in the long run. We tend to be spontaneous under this Moon. Build a business like sense into that spontaneity. Ask for what you need. Family and home responsibilities may clash with other priorities. Sort that out fairly and well so everyone, as much as possible, gets what they truly need. Aries Moon can sometimes lead to impulse with whatever one desires. Remember how others are impacted as you move with the energies of Mars and Venus in fun loving Leo. Mars opposes Saturn which can aggravate tense and trying situations. Stay very aware of competitors or those who are not your allies or friends. Protect your interests and your loved ones. Today’s color is Red.

Friday: Aries Moon aligns with Mercury direct in Gemini. Unfinished business comes up for completion. Rearranging, editing, and realigning are in the forecast. Communicate clearly while trying not to offend or put off. Some may be too blunt or use manipulation in their communications. Try to put heart into your words and actions. Notice if you’re going too fast or spinning in a scattered, unproductive way. Another thing we may notice is how reconnections that occurred during Mercury retrograde are progressing or otherwise turning out. Keep relationships and clear communication throughout your day. Ask questions, clarify and go forward with what feels good and right. Void Moon from 12:15 am EST overnight into Saturday. Today’s color is Yellow.

Saturday: Aries Moon squares Pluto and is then void of course. Notice how you or others are using their power. Does it feel balanced and honest? At 8:28 am EST, the Moon enters Taurus for hands on approaches, grounding, and focus on abundance and prosperity. Mars square Uranus is a tense, difficult and unpredictable influence tonight. Stay aware and out of dangerous places or situations. Accidents happen with this aspect. Take the appropriate precautions with whatever you’re doing. Wear Black today.

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