Jupiter, the planet of luck and good fortune, has tiptoed into Pisces, where it can increase and enhance one’s sense of confidence and opportunity without bounds.  It will stay in Pisces until July 28th, when it will retrograde back into Aquarius, and everything we do will have a thread of mysticism and transcendence running through it.  The Sun is in a harmonic trine to Jupiter today, and we are likely to be showered with luck and good fortune for the next day or so.

Luck doesn’t always hit us over the head – sometimes we don’t even notice that things are going well and this is the real lesson of a fortunate planetary cycle such as this one. We also have a long-lasting harmonious sextile from Saturn (structure) to Chiron (healing) that can assist us in more easily cycling through challenging situations.  In expansive cycles, especially those that last only a day or two like this one, there’s always the risk that we’ll get carried away and get overconfident. The stock market, for example, rose 500 points today, demonstrating the power of optimism. 😃

Friends, I am traveling until July 1 and will not be posting every day during that time.  If you’re interested, you may follow my exploits on Instagram.

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