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Full Moon Glory! Capricorn Mastery

The Full Moon should be applauded Capricorn Mastery

Everything appears to move in cycles in the universe. Inhalation/exhalation, contraction/expansion, Yin/Yang. In the middle of the world’s turmoil, studying history reveals that cultures are made up of people, places, and things that cycle in and out. The cycles can carry on indefinitely because everything has a beginning, middle, and end. Expansionary times. Contraction periods. That had been a fantastic experience. This now is a terrible time. For the time being. It’s the greatest of times, yet it’s also the worst of times.

“And in the circle game, we go around and around”

Take note of the links between all of the planets, as well as the dance/interplay of the galaxy’s energies. As Astrology tells me, everything is cyclical and interconnected.

The Capricorn Full Moon happened today around noon Mountain Time, 2pm Eastern, and 7pm UK time. It gleams brightly in the summer sky tonight. To take this picture, I went outside. By the way, happy Summer Solstice. And, happy Full Moon.

Capricorn is an ancient sign associated with duty, responsibility, and authority. Capricorns are motivated by a strong desire to succeed and prove themselves in the world. Capricorn’s highest expression is self-mastery. It asks us to grow up, take responsibility and claim personal authority over our life.

During the past ten years, Pluto (the destroyer/transformer) has been transiting Capricorn, shaking up governments, systems, and organizations. They may appear to be in charge, but this is the dying patriarchy’s last gasp. What happens next, that Pluto enters Aquarius in four years, will be fascinating to say the least, as it occurs at the same time as we enter the Aquarian Age. Pluto is a fantastic transformer.

Part of the deconstruction process include reclaiming personal authority that we may have delegated to others, such as parents, priests, or government officials. Working together as a collective to promote more equity and equality to the world is the Aquarius age

We’re not quite there yet ~ this is still the dismantling phase

This card can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but I really appreciate how the collapsing tower in this interpretation has been transformed into a bridge that can be used to cross over to the other side of the abyss. There is always hope, according to Jupiter Pluto will continue to shake us up to wake us up, yet for every ending, there will always be a new beginning.

At the moment, that is all happening in the background. There’s a gorgeous Moon in the foreground

Full Moon rise over Mt. Royal, Montreal, borrowed from James Smith

Structure and discipline are the hallmarks of a Capricorn Moon. It can assist us in regaining control following Mercury retrograde’s extremely chaotic energy, which is about to cease. We’ve had two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde as the Moon cycle reaches its apex. Eclipses are gateways to a different world… These eclipses have to do with facts, ideas, how we think, and what we believe, as I explained in my last post. They concentrated on letting go of old beliefs; by turning things inside out, we can see the world through new eyes.

Use this Full Moon to highlight and bring to maturity the lessons learned since the lunar eclipses of May 26th (Sagittarius) and June 10th (Gemini). The teachings are now combining to create a pinnacle of awareness and integration.

Capricorn encourages us to verbalize what we’re feeling in our emotions and intellect. It’s time to put your words into action With the North Node in Gemini focusing on how we communicate, think, and believe, we are being challenged to let go of old mental structures that keep us bound to the past. There’s a tug of war going on right now between the past (Saturn) and the future (Uranus), and it’s affecting us all in different ways. Discovering a new path forward requires letting go of our preconceptions so that we can continue (or begin) to see clearly even as things that contradict our worldview are revealed. It’s been difficult to tell fact from fantasy due to a number of circumstances (Mercury retrograde and Neptune’s pranks, for example). I believe we are all becoming tired of the continuous debates about what is truly going on. From this point forward, there may be fresh knowledge that has previously been buried that will transform the way we look at things. This is both intriguing and perplexing. As old ways fade away, it’s natural to cling to what’s known. This is the moment to…

The Capricorn Moon is conventional and stodgy, preferring the old fashioned manner of doing things, like in a John Wayne film where men are men Capricorn, at its best, can assist us ground and integrate all of the emotions that have been rushing around in the days preceding up to this Full Moon, whose actual goal is to help us step into our unique power.

We each get to own our own part in our own story while the world story evolves and changes. It turns out that each of us has a say in how things turn out. And while Capricorns do tend to keep their emotional cards close to their chest, the Full Moon will bring up strong inner tides as it shines a light on our own deep emotions.

You are the Captain of your own ship, and what you do with it is the plot of your own adventure

She is still going strong

“One ship drives east and another drive’s west,

with the self same winds that blow,

It’s the set of the sails and not the gails that tell us the way to go.

Like the winds of the sea and the ways of fate,

as we voyage alone through life,

It’s the set of a soul that decides its goal

and not the calm or strife”

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