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God’s Great Story and You

God’s Great Story and You

This is the last book written by the popular Jesuit priest and writer on prayer and spirituality, Father William Barry. James Martin, SJ, who recently dedicated his New York Times best-seller, Learning to Pray, to Barry, writes in this book’s foreword: “It is fair to say that Bill Barry is one of the main reasons for the growth in spiritual direction, the popularity of Ignatian spirituality, and the spread of individually directed retreats, in the wake of the Second Vatican Council.”

William Barry, SJ, died at 90, just after he handed this manuscript to his publisher.

He begins by saying, “I want to help readers — you, that is — to know/love God better to have a more fulfilling and productive life.” It is a life-giving premise, and one that he upholds beautifully and practically.

Understanding and loving God requires mutual relationship, the give and take that we learn when we love, imagine, challenge, and journey with another person. That is the kind of interaction Barry wants readers to have with God, with whom he recounts having such a relationship.

The plot-like character of life, how life is screwed up by human sin and weakness, and Jesus’ position in the world to turn things around, but not in the way of a superhero, are all addressed in chapters. Most importantly, in a final chapter, Barry describes how “We Are Key Characters in a Divine Plot,” offering both inspiring and practical applications. Read the snippet at the end of this review for further information.

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