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Weekly Astrology Forecast – June 14 – 20, 2021

Weekly Astrology Forecast – June 14 – 20, 2021

Excerpt from Patreon – June 18 sees the First Quarter Moon. We’re nearing the end of eclipse season, and now comes a test, a turning point as we apply the eclipses’ lessons. The Moon is in Virgo, conjunct the Sun, which is in Gemini. Mercury rules both signs and, as previously stated, is still retrograde. Hence, this is an inner test, a emotional shift to bring awareness (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) together. The Virgo Moon is all about giving back. Virgo scrutinizes every detail to see what may be changed to improve things. We put what we know into practice in this earthy sign. Maybe the fear is that we still don’t know enough, and questions continue to arise. Nonetheless, getting on with the job and taking little steps toward our objectives can help to calm anxieties and worry. We don’t have to know everything to make a start on improvements.

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This Week’s Major Aspects

14-Jun-21 Sun square Neptune. Saturn square Uranus
Boxed in. I’m out of it. A clash between old and new, commitment and freedom.
A chance to make peace with the self to understand what needs to change and what needs to remain.

15-Jun-21 No major aspects

16-Jun-21 Mercury square Vesta. Sun square Pallas
Distraction. We’re questioning where we’re focusing our attention. There is a need to delve deeper in order to obtain answers.

17-Jun-21 Venus sextile Vesta
Focus on what makes you happy, even just for an hour. We realize what is truly significant when the heart is engaged.

18-Jun-21 First Quarter Moon in Virgo
A push to resolve an inner conflict between head and heart. Put what you’ve learned thus far into practice. Not knowing everything doesn’t mean not making a start on improvements.

19-Jun-21 Pluto sextile Pallas
Mediation and a cool head taps us into ancient wisdom and puts the power back into our hands.

20-Jun-21 Jupiter stations Retrograde
Opportunities or developments seem to fade away. It’s okay, the time isn’t right. Before moving on with plans, you must first go on an inner journey.

Issued at 15:15:00 +0000 on June 13, 2021.