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4 Things to Consider While Meditating in a Public Place

4 Things to Consider While Meditating in a Public Place

People frequently pick public places to meditate, such as parks, lakes, and hillsides. These are excellent spots for meditation. These places are not only calm, but also gorgeous. Hence, you get to meditate and enjoy some beautiful scenery.

These are four things to think about before going to a public setting to meditate.

#1 The Air and Weather

When meditating in a public setting, there are two external aspects to consider. The weather is the first, and the air quality is the second.

The weather has to be ideal. Wherever you go, you must be able to enjoy a pleasant climate. The weather should be warm and bright. But, stay away from humid environments if you don’t want to get all sweaty. This is going to be a really unpleasant experience. Also, there is no need to go out for meditation during rain or snow, unless you have some sort of shelter over you.

You should also look at the air quality of the location you are visiting. You will suffer major health problems as a result of breathing polluted air. As a result, you should take a look at info about air pollution in its whole of the location where you’ll be meditating With many free weather applications, you can do this as well as keep track of the weather. Today’s weather apps are extremely sophisticated. They can provide you with real-time data derived from high-tech sensors and weather radars. So before going out, do check with your weather app.

#2 Do Not Take Risks

Some people prefer to meditate in dangerous situations or in dangerous areas. You’ll run into people all the time ascending the highest peaks and then contemplating on the very edge Some people will even sit a few feet away from a cliff’s edge. Then there are some who are sitting on top of rocks in the middle of a fast-flowing river. And then there is the occasional meditation under the waterfall.

There is no denying that these locations are stunning. They’re also beautiful. Meditating in such places will look wonderful as a cover photo on Instagram or Facebook. This form of meditation, on the other hand, is not worthwhile. Placing oneself in danger will not help you. Therefore, you must exercise tremendous caution when going to such extent to meditate. Constantly thinking about the dangers and how to avoid them will ruin the experience and purpose of meditation.

As a result, it is best to avoid these locations for meditation. Find a less risky spot for the actual meditation part.

#3 Make Sure You Are Not Hindering Public Movement

Because these are public areas, there will be a large number of individuals visiting or passing through them. And not everyone who attends will be there to meditate. You are free to do whatever you choose. You should not, however, obstruct their movement or activity. Respect others around you and try not to annoy them in any way.

Some places may even have designated meditation areas or zones. So look for them if you can during the visit.

#4 Go During the Morning

There are many reasons why you should go meditating in public areas during the morning.

To begin with, mornings are far more serene and quiet than other times of the day. At that hour, most people are either sleeping or just waking up. As a result, there is very little traffic on the roads and in public spaces. Then there’s the fresh air you can get early in the morning. It is conducive to a healthy environment. Finally, there is a calmness in the morning that you cannot find at any other time of day. During the, it feels as if the entire globe was wrapped in calm and tranquility early in the morning.

Yet, as the day advances, all of these features begin to fade. As individuals begin to leave for work, the tranquility and serenity of the morning is somewhat disrupted. Automobiles and buses clog the streets, polluting the air. These locations’ environments will have drastically changed, making them unsuited for meditation. Thus, go during the early hours of the morning if you want to meditate in a public spot.

All of these considerations should be considered before meditating in a public place. By sticking to these simple points, you will be able to enjoy a safe and wonderful meditation experience.

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