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Archons, Fate & Freewill

Archons, Fate & Freewill

I wrote this originally in January 2015, when I started getting into the question of hyper-dimensional realities and Archons. The sun was then in Aquarius decan 1. the decan of Mad Professors & Visionary Upgraders. Mercury, in it’s shadow period, ignited my Aquarian stellium and was pretty mind-blowing. Thanks to the interactivity of the internet, I was led to various youtube interviews.

One of the leads was to John Lash author of the book “Not In His Image”. Lash is a meta-historical researcher and mythologist. His work centers around the Goddess Gaia-Sophia myth and Gnosticism. It also connects to the biblical Lilith myth also. John Lash is also a sidereal astrologer, which takes me to the next point. While researching Lunar mansions, I was wondering whether one should use sidereal or tropical zodiacs with them.

Archons & Archetypes In Astrology

“The Mansions of The Moon by Christopher Warnock.” gives both the tropical and sidereal positions for the Lunar mansions. Explaining why he uses the tropical system and referring to the traditional astrologers of the past he says;

“ These astrologers saw the Cosmos as one great unified being. They considered the cosmos to be composed, like man, of body, soul and divine spirit. All three levels were interconnected and interpenetrating.


Each material thing on earth was ruled by one or more of the stars and planets, which embodied the reflection of the divine ideas or archetypes of the celestial world.

Both the Zodiac and the Mansions reflect and reveal this fundamental divine order and harmony. As we move from the archetypal, to the celestial, to the material worlds, things become progressively less perfect.

Thus the constellational mansions, being closer to the material, were actually considered a less accurate reflection than the tropical mansions of the archetypical order and the true ideal essence of the mansions” [2]

The first part of the quote I don’t have a problem with. I myself use the tropical zodiac framework and find it very useful in helping us cope with the various archetypes working through us in our natal chart and then as the archetypal energies test us by transit. But what is an archetype? An Archangel or an Arch-on perhaps?

The etymology is interesting to say the least. I’m beginning to think an archetype is something the collective subconsciously agrees on. So that thoughts become things and these things, or archetypes, (or archons) float around in the ether like viruses. They even say things go viral on the internet don’t they? A mind-parasite could simply be a meme. If we all believe in it then it lives.


It is important that we realise that astrology is not 100% fated, we have freewill and we astrologers and those who use it as a guide would be naïve if we thought the mind parasites/archons/illuminati have not hijacked Astrology just like they have every other belief system.

The New Age movement is rife with archangel/archontic infection and I have always felt uncomfortable with the whole “aliens are the new religion” thing. I think John Lash’s explanation of such 21st century phenomena such as psychopaths, mind-control, indigo kids, ascension, light-workers etc etc.. is the one that most resonates with me.

I cannot abide any new-age belief system that divides us into thinking some of us are ‘special’. That some of us are descended from superior alien races that have come to rescue “fallen” mother earth. How arrogant is that?!

As Gemini rising I like to turn everything on its head and play with the etymology of words. Matter, Mater, Mother is NOT a thing that becomes “progressively less perfect” as it turns into matter. And although I like a lot of Laura Eisenhower’s work, I really object to the term “meat suits” as she sometimes describes us.

New Age Chosen Ones?

Matter has been corrupted by the word materialism. We are spirit in matter and that is beautiful. We are crystallised, divine energy from the galactic core. The native Indians have it right. Goddess is in every flower, every bee, every animal and EVERY human being. There are no special chosen races or bloodlines…

The fixed stars in our charts connect us to certain myths, but if we have Sun conjunct Sirius it doesn’t mean we came from there I must admit, I did see connections with people who claimed this and the fixed star in their charts. It made me wonder for a while… Superior alien race intervention is a seductive story and we can’t really blame people for wanting to distance themselves from the messed up human race. We literally feel alien-ated and want to “phone home.”

Mind-Parasites, Archons & Sorcery

Back to the astrology. Let’s read this sentence once again. Christopher Warnock says “Thus the constellational (Sidereal) mansions, being closer to the material (Mater, Mother Earth) were actually considered a less accurate reflection than the tropical mansions of the archetypical (Arch-whatevers) order (no freewill) and the true ideal essence of the mansions (Sorcery)” [2] Gemini translation brackets mine.


The Lunar mansions were originally used to make talismans to protect us from negative archetypal forces. If we hold a fatalistic approach, then we believe we are cursed by a negative mansions/planets effect on us.

Then the only way to protect ourselves is through a talisman. It works like the biology of belief (See Bruce Lipton). We look outside ourselves for a saviour just like the traditional religions or when we ask our GP for a pill.

If we do actually make our own talismans then there will be a disconnect from the fixed stars on which they are based. If the constellational mansions are closer to the material world (and therefore our beloved mater planet), then I would want to use them. We are matter after all. We humans maat-er…

I don’t use the sidereal zodiac across the board because to use the tropical Zodiac for the solar decans makes sense since the seasons and the Sun very obviously effect life on earth through the equinoxes, I use precession to keep the important connection to myths of the fixed stars.

Sidereal Zodiac V Tropical Zodiac

With the Lunar mansions however I did for a while use the sidereal positions but I have since gone back to using the tropical ones. Christopher Warnock has provided the sidereal ones in his book. However I take issue with anyone who says that things become progressively “less perfect” as they become matter.

To me this sort of attitude smacks of the Christian original sin and shows disrespect for the perfectly beautiful creations that mother earth produces for us everyday. Vivian Robson also gives the sidereal positions which Anne Wright on Constellations Of Words has precessed to 2007 for us. I think the sidereal positions are really helpful in understanding the origins of the meaning of the stars just like the seasons are the basis for the tropical zodiac signs’ meanings.

So I have revised this article because I think Christopher Warnock’s theory is quite an interesting one. But I am in two minds about whether the sidereal is ‘less perfect’. To err is to be human and organic fruit has its flaws. Perfection can be sterile, but perfection and total symmetry is always the goal isn’t it? Finding the balance. So we come from the sidereal and we aim for the tropical perhaps?


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