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New Moon Solar Eclipse: Something New on the Horizon

Something Fresh on the Horizon with the New Moon Solar Eclipse

I’ll just apologize straight out for the weird formatting of this post Mercury retrograde is in full force -i’ve already written it three times . Looks like this publishing app is useless and I’ll have to try something new next time . While you wait…

We’ve just come out of a couple of stressful weeks in which Mars (warrior) picked a fight (or two) with Pluto (power and control) on the other side of the zodiac.

This silly back-and-forth – projecting and counter-projecting, and so on – is so tedious Despite this, we (or at least I) get sucked in every time Many people are looking for a path beyond the polarities these days, and the eclipse energy may provide a fresh window or doorway through which to observe the world.

This Gemini eclipse says is time to awaken to a more conscious awareness of our purpose and direction in life (North Node) so that we can become the captains of our own ship!

‘Two old ladies were driving along- one said to the other, “Mable, you’ve just driven through three red lights Mavle looked over in surprise and said “Oh I mistook you for a driver” ‘
You just had to giggle at it all at times There are so many stories to tell, so many agendas to consider. There’s a mainstream narrative, there are each countries narratives, there’s are leaders narratives and there are also each persons narrative. As well as everything in between.
And each of these stories is made up of a variety of points of view and beliefs. It’s not always easy to get to the truth, because the very people we rely on for facts and information have been co-opted by various political agendas. So, how do you know what to believe? What should you focus on? I think we have to get comfortable with saying I don’t really know
Speaking of what we know or don’t know ~ last year a bunch of government information was declassified around UFOs – and nobody even seemed to even notice because we were so distracted by Covid . I watched a little segment on the news, but that was it. There’s a great documentary on Netflix called The Phenomenon about these disclosures and it’s all quite fascinating.
These documented stories have the potential to challenge our way of thinking and open our minds to a wide range of alternatives. It is only one example of fresh information becoming available that has the potential to alter our perspective. Meanwhile,we’re still being bombarded daily with many falsehoods, manipulations, distortions and it’s hard to sort through them all in the midst of so much pain and fear and chaos. We all know politicians lie, but what astounds me is how many people believe them!
This is the season for telling the truth, yet no one really understands what the truth is. Of course you think you do and you will argue your point endlessly but I would challenge that and suggest that there is a lot we don’t know; still more unveiling to come.
Meanwhile, the world has gone insane, and the asylum has been taken over by the inmates Oh wait – it’s always been that way . Maybe we’re just finally starting to recognize it.
But seriously – we’ve got to start working together. In the new system, petty quarrels and tyrants have no place. Gemini is a sign that represents the complexity of human experience. Now is the time to To establish some common ground, we must look beyond political parties, gender politics, ideological orientations, nationalities, assets, agendas, and attitudes.
Everyone is suffocating. Everyone is in pain. Everyone is giggling. Everyone is in tears.
As we continue to make our way through this maze, Gemini wants us to celebrate our differences and get beyond all this bickering.

Every eclipse brings us to a point where something is left behind to create room for something new to enter. Whatever belief or idea of how things should be has brought us to where we are- needs to be blessed and then released – to make way for the new energy.

A simple ritual of writing down what you’re letting go of and burning it in a candle or fire will assist.
Although we can certainly feel that change is in the air, there’s a certain vagueness and unAs we go into the unknown, confidence of outcomes necessitates a leap of faith.
If you plug your chart into, you can see what house/area the eclipse falls in and have a clearer indication of when a release might happen. It may be a concept, a person, a place, a job, a habit (haha that came out as hobbit) If you’ve got any hobbits hiding in your cupboards – it’s time to set them free

We all want to live with the hobbits in the shire in the woods (well at least I do ) We’ve all read the story or watched the movie. When Frodo got called to his great adventure he really didn’t want to go . But fate had other plans for him, and there would be many trials and barriers in his way before he could return home.
We find ourselves in the in-between as we move from the old to the new age (a process that could take several years). A fog Sedna to have descended and whatever lies in front of us is still unknown.
At this time the setting of clear intentions is extremely important yet how can we do that when we don’t even know where we are heading? The retrograde of Mercury suggests that we take some time to contemplate and reassess our ideas before making any new ones. Neptune continues to bring uncertainty -feels at times like we’re operating in the dark.
As the earth’s shadow temporarily blocks the sun’s light, it invites us to step outside our logic to access our intuition. Because 90% of our beliefs are held in our unconscious mind, being more self-aware is the first step. Become a witness to your own self programming .
The zeitgeist of the Gemini/ Sagittarius nodal elaxis is ultimately about examining how we find meaning in life (or the meaning OF life )

By reviewing, redefining and releasing old core beliefs and old stories (south node in Sagittarius) we can start to see more clearly whi we are and what we’re doing here. It’s rather shocking to discover that the very ideas that we have basec our sense of self ~ and of belonging ~ may not even be ours own.

“Are we free? Are we aware of our surroundings? Are we making decisions based on Full awareness, or are we driven by unconscious dynamics that we’ve inherited, or that we developed as a response to childhood trauma? Insofar as we are not conscious we are not free.” Gabor Mate

Facing our illusions can be painful ~ it takes courage to see things as they actually are and not just how we want to see them.

This series of eclipses has the potential to disclose the truth behind old stories we’ve been given, as well as heighten our awareness of hidden narratives.

We’re starting a new chapter, and it turns out that we’re all the authors. It’s time to write your own story!

You know you’re itching to do it!

Published at 10:18:00 +0000 on Thu, June 10th, 2021