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The Spiritual Meaning of An Eclipse & Why You Need to Know!

The Spiritual Significance of Eclipses and Why You Should Care

Do Eclipses Have a Positive or Negative Spiritual Influence?

Learn the Significance and Spiritual Meaning of Eclipses and the role an Eclipse Cycle may play on your path. #eclipse

Learn the Significance and Spiritual Meaning of Eclipses and the role an Eclipse Cycle may play on your path. #eclipse

Eclipses are often talked about as if they are somehow a rare or special occurrence. But the fact is that eclipses happen every year, and in fact, they happen twice a year.

But what difference does it make? Is there a spiritual influence on us in the physical world as a result of an eclipse cycle, and if so, is it positive or negative?

Before we get started, I’d like to stress out that we are living in profoundly revolutionary times. This implies there are numerous significant time periods, high-energy gateways, and astrologically observable occurrences that serve as markers on our pathways and transformational portals just waiting for us to claim and step through them.

Both solar and lunar eclipses are among these highly significant times.

In the year 2021, there will be two distinct Eclipse Cycles. One Eclipse Cycle happens in May and June is here as well as Then something happens in November and December.

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Spiritually speaking, an Eclipse Cycle serves a key role, and that is triggering change and transformation.

Eclipses have a tendency of bringing old patterns, insecurities, limits, and fears to the surface. When you become aware of these “lower vibrational energies” within and around you, you then have the power and opportunity to heal and transmute them so you can let them go.

In this way, an Eclipse Cycle can be a helpful ally on your transformation path. They shine a light on where you’re out of alignment so you can transform and move into greater harmony and coherence with Truth and your life’s fullest potential.

Illuminating your “stuff” however is not always fun and easy, and can be downright painful and challenging at times. This is why eclipses have been feared and sometimes thought to have negative spiritual consequences throughout history.

What Exactly Is An Eclipse?

An eclipse is a visible phenomenon that occurs as a result of the sun and moon, or another planet, aligning.

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As NASA explains: “A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth blocks the light from the Sun so that the Earth’s shadow falls on the moon… Lunar eclipses happen at least twice a year, and can last for a few hours.”

And on the other hand…

“Solar eclipses happen once every 18 months and only last for a few minutes… Solar Eclipses happen when the moon lines up directly between the Sun and the Earth, so that the moon casts a shadow onto Earth.”

The Spiritual Significance of the Eclipse

Astrologically speaking, the sun represents the conscious mind. The sun is connected with vitality, warmth, light, and inventiveness. The moon, which reflects the sun’s light at night, is symbolic of our emotions and psyche.

Our emotions and subconscious patterns can be deeply revealed during a Solar Eclipse, when the moon blocks out the sun’s light. Solar eclipses provide good opportunities to reflect, heal, and transmute lower frequency emotional patterns into habits and patterns that will serve, rather than relishing in lower frequency emotional patterns that may develop. Solar Eclipses which happen during New Moons, reveal the “new beginning possibilities” in a supercharged way.

Lunar Eclipses occur during the Full Moon and expose areas where you need to let go, complete a task, or let something go. This can be sudden, such as losing a job or breaking up with a lover, but by remaining present and observing the changes that are occurring within or around you, you can seize the opportunity to become aware of what you actually desire. Where have you been on the right track, and how can you now let go of previous energy in order to welcome this transition to progress, transform, and grow?

Eclipses act as cosmic catalysts, triggering endings and encouraging you to take the first step toward fresh beginnings you may have been avoiding.

Eclipse energy can be delightfully traversed if you’re open, willing, and accepting. It’s only when you’re resisting that old patterns become painful as they start to fade away and you cling to them.

Let important changes to take place in your life by letting go!

When you do, Eclipses can act like doors or gateways that support us in entering into a higher dimension of being.⠀

To step across the threshold into higher states of love, joy, peace and light you can’t bring your “stuff” with you.

If you’re not sure what I mean when I say “stuff” … I’m talking about the accumulated blockages, limiting patterns, distorted and negative programming, fears, insecurities, doubts etc, that block you from maintaining a higher vibration of love peace and light.

You are not need to morph You don’t have to choose to serve love and higher frequencies within yourself, and you don’t have to change your old patterns. But if don’t… Then you suffer.

Eclipse energy pretty much presents the choice: “Transform the old energies that are no longer serving you, or bask in them to your own detriment.”

An Eclipse Cycle means that it’s time to transform on multiple levels. Are you willing to adapt to new situations? Keep in mind that if you’re not willing to change… Eclipses are known to trigger necessary life changes for you.⠀

Are you in need of a wake-up call to let go of something you’ve been clinging to despite knowing it’s not serving you? If there are Eclipse energies in the air, this is very certainly already in the works for you⠀

Are you needing some sort of push to realign you with your highest purpose? Things that need to be unveiled, shaken up, modified, or even destroyed have a way of being triggered and revealed during Eclipse Cycles.

I don’t believe that eclipses are spiritually destructive and that we should try to avoid them; rather, any bad consequences that happen during this period provide us with crucial and necessary realizations about where we need to alter, develop, and evolve.

Support yourself in making the most of this period by detaching from the outcome and letting go.⠀

Stay present, centered and adaptable to be ready for the unexpected.⠀

Allow the Grace of the Divine to reach you and guide you through any transitions or transformations so you can come into alignment with the highest possibilities for you.

And remember that as you release what no longer serves you, you make way for new creative inspiration, and the highest levels of your Divine expression.⠀

What do you really want to manifest, experience, and create in your life?⠀

Dream big Feel into what your most radiant high vibrational life would be like…⠀

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And know that this is the perfect time to plant seeds of intention, and to be honest with yourself about where you are not on track with your life’s fullest potential. Sometimes awareness of where there is a blockage or distortion is all that is really needed to be able to finally shift, change, transform and get in sync with the spiral of creation.⠀

Remember that change happens in an instant, especially when we allow!

Eclipses serve as energetic portals, allowing a higher frequency to reach us and have a variety of effects.

As a result, eclipse cycles are an excellent time to focus on what you truly desire and to consciously materialize it!

Around Eclipses, everything tend to speed up, and whatever needs to be dealt with will inevitably arise.

Stay grounded, open and willing…

While the energy of Eclipses may feel intense at times, it is ultimately assisting you through great transition to help you align with your highest self and live your most vivid life!

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler

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Published at 13:41:45 UTC on May 18, 2021