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Weekend update: Mercury direct, Venus in Leo, and Neptune Rx

Weekend update: Mercury direct, Venus in Leo, and Neptune Rx

Art by Marie Desbons

This has to be the strangest Mercury retrograde in recent memory, at least for me. As many of you know, I like to soothe people’s anxieties about Mercury retrograde and the truth is that snafus happen when Mercury isn’t retrograde too. Yet this one has brought a strange Neptunian layer, because to Mercury’s change of orientation in a square to Neptune. Orders are not just going wrong, but also missing. Contractors who provide inaccurate information based on incorrect assumptions. Schedules being disrupted by people showing up when they said they wouldn’t. It’s bizarre Maybe it’s worse for me because all of this has happened right on my Gemini ascendant.

Neptune has been stationary in the sky through the entire three-week retrograde period – when a planet is stationary it carries a more potent punch, and Neptune’s purpose is inspire us to step away from the mundane world of schedules and to-do lists and instead move into more of an imaginative and creative experience.

What has been your experience thus far? Please let me know in the comments section!

Mercury has now turned direct, but it will make that returning square to Neptune again on July 6th so if like me you’ve been having a weird time, don’t get too comfortable quite yet. 😃

In other significant Neptune news, the planet has just changed course and will remain motionless for another few weeks. Stationary planets appear to stand still in the sky, and therefore if you are having a transit of Neptune to your personal chart (look to see if you have any planets in the 18-28 degree range of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius) you may continue to feel somewhat confusing energies, like the ground beneath you isn’t solid, for another few weeks. These are good times for spiritual practices or creativity – take up painting, spend time in meditation, listen to beautiful music and spend time in nature.

Venus (relationships) is also changing signs today, shifting from sensitive Cancer to joyful Leo. The next few weeks are likely to be more social as we continue to come out of quarantine, but I wouldn’t be a good Saturn person (Saturn is on my Sun) if I didn’t be a bit of an Eeyore and recommend caution and care as we continue to emerge from quarantine and attempt to live more normally.

That’s it for today… I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

Folks, I’ll be away till July 1st and won’t be able to update every day during that period. You can follow my adventures on Instagram if you like!

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Published at 11:36:30 UTC on Saturday, June 26th, 2021