Friday, September 24News Written in the Stars

Are There People Who Are Truly Incompatible With Others?

When under stress, it’s common to choose a shadow person to blame. I do it. I bet you do it too. You’re all keyed up so you start thinking about this person you don’t like. It distracts you.

This is an 8th house thing by the way. Pluto. Scorpio. You’re using this person. They don’t even have to be anywhere near you. You don’t even have to know them to use them.

I was doing this yesterday and I got wondering if I could get along with this person I was secretly dumping on, if I tried. Next thing I knew, “Jaded Lover” was playing in my head.  Jerry Jeff Walker. What a great song.

“…Still, we’d never agree if we talked all night
Things are getting kind of heavy and I’m travelling light
Goodbye you jaded lover
You undercover queen for a day…”

He’s talking about someone he is never, ever going to be able to resolve anything with. It’s a sick situation to be in, never mind to stay in. I considered the person I was thinking about. I believe we’re truly incompatible as well.

This is different than choosing to not get along with someone when you certainly could get along if you tried.

What do you think of this? Are you on the outs with someone you could easily get along with, but you prefer to use them for you hate or other negative emotions?

Also, do you think there are people who really can’t get along with others? If so, what stops them? What’s the astrology?